How to Install a Carpet Stair Runner

carpet stairs

Is the style of your hardwood stairs plain? You can improve the appearance of your home and your stairway with a carpet stair runner. A runner is an easy décor addition that adds a little color or style to your home.

A stair runner also helps make your stairs safer since it creates more traction and texture than a smooth hardwood surface. The runner will provide padding too for more comfortable steps on the stairs.

Are you ready to install a carpet stair runner? The project requires no more than one day to complete and the cost is low too!

Here is how to install a stair runner:

First you need to measure the height of one stair riser and the depth of one stair tread. These measurements will be consistent from the top of the stairwell to the bottom of the stairwell. Add the measurements together and multiply the measurements by the total number of stairs in the stairwell. To be safe, add an extra 12 inches.

These measurements will determine how long of a runner you need for the project. Then you can go and purchase a runner with the color or pattern or construction you prefer. This includes polyester carpet or natural carpet fibers.

You should also measure the length of a stair. You will want the runner to sit in the middle of each stair. The runner will not extend the entire length of the stair so be sure it sits evenly in the center.

Place a felt pad or carpet pad beneath the runner. This provides padding and a cushioned step. Most runners themselves are thin or woven without a pad built in. Cut the pad the same length as the rug runner.

Place one pad one each stair. First staple the back of the pad along the back of the step. Use 5/8 inch staples for this. You will need multiple staples along the back of the step. Then use multiple staples along the front too. Be sure the surface of the pad is 100% flat before moving to the next stair.

Now it is time to start installing the carpet stair runner. You need to adhere several pieces of double-sided carpet tape to each stair riser. Then firmly press the runner against the tape.

Then staple the top of the runner into the top of the riser where people do not step or place their feet when using your stairs. You also need to staple the runner where the bottom of the riser and the tread meet. There will be a diagonal line from each stair and this is called the “waterfall effect”. This is the most popular way to install a carpet stair runner in homes in Laramie, WY.

Continue this installation process until you reach the end of the runner. You will then need to attach the next runner to the bottom of the first runner. This is done with 5/8 inch staples too.

Continue to install the second runner until you reach the bottom of the stairs. Then you need to fold over the bottom of the runner and staple it to the bottom of the bottom stair riser and just above the molding on the floor.

Your project is now complete. Walk up and down the stairs a few times to be sure the runner doesn’t slip and double check that the pattern is lined up properly from the top to the bottom of the stairs.

You should maintain and care for your carpet stair runner the same way you do for wall-to-wall carpet and area rugs. This means you should vacuum it with a handheld vacuum and include stair cleaning during appointments from a carpet cleaning Laramie service.

A clean and properly installed carpet stair runner is a beautiful addition to your home!

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All About Polyester Carpet

polyester carpet

Polyester (also known as PET polyester) is a popular type of carpeting made from synthetic fibers. It can be produced from recycled products which make it friendly to the environment.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, this fiber has risen to the ranks of some of the most famous carpeting material money can buy.

Polyester carpets also come in a wide range of colors, and this allows it to match almost any kind of decor. It is an ideal for areas you’ll like to make cozy. So, before you proceed to get your soft and luscious polyester carpet, let us explore some of its pros and cons.

Pros: Polyester Carpet

Beautiful Appearance

Polyester fiber is known to have a very high luster appearance making it stunning enough to fit any decor. In essence, polyester translates into carpets of beautiful colors. For instance, if you compare a polyester carpet with a nylon carpet of the same color, you’ll discover that the polyester appears more colorful and vibrant, while the nylon has more of a dull finish and improves the appearance of your home.

Resistant To Stain

One of the biggest advantages of polyester carpet is its natural stain resistance capability. Polyester is commonly referred to as a closed-cell fiber, which implies that it doesn’t feature any open dye sites for stains to stick to. This makes polyester ideal for a home with kids and pets.

It is, however, noteworthy to mention that polyester carpet is not entirely stain-proof. The thing is that most of the spots on a polyester carpet people blame on stain are mainly due to soiling. In essence, soiling is completely different from staining.

When we talk of staining, it implies that a substance has come in contact with the fiber and has attached itself to the open dye sites in the fiber.

Soiling is mainly due to residue left behind on the fiber. This could either be from a cleaning product that was not completely removed or maybe from oils on the bottom of your kid’s feet. This said residue becomes a hot-spot for dirt, which ends up giving the appearance of stain on the carpet.

Polyester carpet is also fade-resistant which allows it to keep its color for a long time.


Compared to other carpet options like nylon, polyester comes at a lower cost. This is mainly due to the lower cost of raw materials and production process. The low cost makes it an ideal for budget-driven renovations, and it also offers great value for the money. Polyester carpet tends to be available at almost every price tag and quality, offering an extensive collection of styles that are sure to meet your taste.


While synthetic fibers are not known to be ecologically-friendly as natural fibers, polyester stands out to be one of the most eco-friendly synthetic fibers available on the market. Polyester even happens to be more eco-friendly compared to nylon.

Also, polyester can be recycled with ease. In fact, much of polyester present in today’s carpeting is created from recycled PET which is derived from your favorite soft drink bottles. Thanks to this benefit, millions of those bottles are kept out of landfills, and it also limits the use of resources in the production of polyester.

Cons: Polyester Carpet

Poor Resiliency

One big downside of a polyester carpet is its inability to perform well in high-traffic locations. Polyester fiber will likely crush and lose its beauty in areas such as halls, stairs, or crowded family rooms. It’s better you have it installed in low to medium traffic areas such as adults bedrooms or some other space that has little traffic.

Attracted to Oily Soils

Another downfall of a polyester carpet is that it shares similarity to olefin. In essence, polyester attracts oil. Any form of oily substance will stick to the carpet and can very troublesome to remove. You can control this situation by having people take off their shoes at the entrance and try not to install the carpeting near kitchens or home entrances.

Well, it’s pretty evident that polyester carpet boasts many cool advantages. It comes in beautiful colors, resistant to stains, soft and lustrous and most importantly, it’s 100% recycled. While a polyester carpet may not last as long as other carpet options, it can still be a great addition to your home.

Just be sure that the carpet is well constructed and be sure to use polyester in rooms that attract the least amount of traffic.

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Making the Appearance of Your Home Better

The appearance of a home is important for new homeowners. They want to purchase a home that is looking great. From the outside pavement to the inside the home should look appealing. Otherwise, they aren’t going to be interested in purchasing the home.

When you are going to do some home improvements at the outside and inside of your home, you are going to have the best possible chance of getting the attention of potential buyers. The better the appearance of the home, the better the chance that people will like what they see when they come to the home.

Increase the value of the home

When you are doing home improvements before you are going to sell your home, you are going to make sure that you are going to increase the value of the home. This is going to make it easier to ask more for your home and to be able to get the price for your home that you were looking for.

Many people don’t really know that they can increase the value of their home by just doing some home improvements in and outside of the home. Buyers will be more likely to purchase a more expensive home that is in good condition that a home that needs some work after they have purchased it.

Improve the chances of selling the home faster

Selling a home can take a long time. Especially if the market isn’t great. If you are really in need to sell the home fast, you need to make sure that you are getting as many buyers to the home as possible.

With doing some home improvements, you will be able to make the home more appealing to the buyers. They will like how the home is looking, even before they are getting to the inside of the home.

Make the house more modern

Most buyers are looking for a modern and updated home with the best and newest stuff in. When you are doing some improvements and upgrading the home with newer things, you will have a more modern home that will get the attention of potential buyers a lot faster.

It might seem like a waste of time to do some home improvements when you are considering to sell the home. However, there are many benefits that you will have when your home is in great condition before you are selling the home. Most real estate agents are recommending doing some home improvements before you decide to sell the home or not. It will sell a lot faster and you will get a higher price for it.

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Improve Your Home’s Outdoor Pavement

The value of the home might increase when you are going to upgrade or improve the pavement of your home. It just depends on the type of pavement that you are going to improve. If you are just going to do the pavement over, but using the same type of stone, then no, it will not increase the value of the home.

However, if you are going to change the pavement completely and you are going to have a new pavement installed, then you can have the chance of increasing the value of your home.

The quality of the pavement when you bought the home

Something that you also should consider is what the quality of the pavement was, when you first purchase the home.

If the pavement was a high quality pavement and you are going to replace it with something new, but a cheaper type of pavement, then it will not increase the value of the home. It might even decrease the value of the home. Something that you should consider carefully. Especially, if you are looking for ways to increase the value of your home.

High quality pavement might work best for increase of value

There are some new, high quality pavement options that you can choose for your home. And, these high quality pavements are going to increase your value for sure.

However, this can be costly to install, and not many people have this type of money. Especially, if you are just looking for ways on how to increase the value of your home.

Other outdoor improvements will make the value even more

You don’t need to just improve the pavement of your home in order to have an increase of home value. There are a couple of other things that you can do as well.

The overall appearance of the home can play a huge part of the home value. And, if you are going to improve the appearance of the outside of the home, you can increase the home. You can repaint, and do some garden improvements for a great increase of value.

People are asking the question if you can do pavement improvements to be able to increase the value of your home. It depends on the type of pavement you are going to install, and if you are going to do some other improvements as well. If you are looking for an increase of home value you can speak to a professional to be able to find what you can do to your home to increase the value.

Benefits of home improvements before selling home

The last thing that you might want to do, is to spend money before you are going to sell your home. But, most real estate agents are recommending that you are going to do improvements in and around your home, before you can sell your home. This is because of various reasons. With these reasons, you will see that you will benefit from spending money before you can sell your home successfully.

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